Process all data types both structured and unstructured

Advanced Text Analysis aided by Artificial Intelligence

Embedded Image Extraction and Identification

Intelligent Archiving and Application Decommissioning

  • Is your ability to archive your content today a painful process?
  • Do you have legacy application data you can’t afford to lose in systems you can’t afford to maintain?
  • Is your archiving solution affordable?
  • Can you search your archive with a “google-like” search?

Organizations are experiencing the burden of maintaining large enterprise applications on their IT budgets, that impact system performance, and regulatory compliance. The core of this burden is the significant growth in business information, that comes in various forms, coupled with the large amounts of legacy data that is stored and preserved for compliance and other business needs. How do you gain knowledge out of this content, increase application performance and reduce costs?

In this webinar, Bryan Reynolds, CEO, Docxonomy, will explain how to alleviate the burden and cost of maintaining legacy systems and truly harness your company’s knowledge by retaining just the necessary content in a secure accessible archive. He will share the latest advancements in Docxonomy’s Intelligent Archiving solution.  

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Thursday December 13, 2018


Compared with other leading archive solutions:

  • We are a fraction of the cost
  • We require little to no data transformation
  • You can connect sources immediately with pre-built connectors

You'll be amazed at how accessible your data becomes once in Docxonomy!

Intuitive Search Results

With Docxonomy, you can search all sources of archived data from a single platform and gain valuable insight like never before.

Powerful Data Analysis

Your files indexed in the cloud and available regardless of your location


Gain find-ability with images, audio and video like never before


Your files are automatically processed using advanced artificial intelligence


Search with natural search terms just like you search the web today


Simplifying the way we work together, turning data into actionable information, making anything anyone creates, searchable and sharable



Native connectors that easily pull data directly from the source system, and only the data you want to be pulled.

Data Sharing

Share archive data internally and externally in an intuitive, simple and secure fashion.

Dan Wheeler, CEO

Awesome Software!

"I absolutely love this product.  I feel like I have Google for all my files.  It is unbelievable how well it processes all my archived data."

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Thursday December 13, 2018


At Docxonomy, we believe that Knowledge is Power. But with as much as 80% of operational content stored in production databases being inactive, your company’s knowledge is locked away and inaccessible and unfortunately, you’re not feeling very powerful.